Alasco is a border system of the Union of Nation-States. It is a close neighbour to Lithios and forms part of the Cresswell Pride sector. Alasco is the only system within the sector to have a colony, making it the De Jure capital of the sector. Becuase of this the system is heavily defended against pirates and is deemed the safest border system in the Union.

The system has repeatedly tried applying for core status and so far has failed on each application.

Population Edit

Despite being the capital of the sector, the population is quite small when compared to other border sector capitals. This due to the sector being neglected under the previous Union leadership. The latest change in leadership has promised that Cresswell Pride will finally get some attention and it is expected that the population on the planet Prodigy will sky rocket.

Currently the system is home to many intermediary industries; taking in raw materials and producing goods required for more advanced industries, then shipping them to the core sectors. The rest of the workforce consists of office and administration staff for the sector. Recently there has been a small influx of construction personnel as Prodigy starts to make way for expansion.

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