Gatria is the last system in the Cresswell Pride sector. Gatria is a fair distance from the other systems in the sector. The hyperlane is very weak that connects Gatria to Tallus. Because of this travel to Gatria is extremely difficult and only powerful military grade drives can make the journey.

The system entrance in Tallus is protected by a small military guard and is technically under the jurisdiction of the Union Navy instead of the sector administration, which has lead many people believe one of several conspiracy theories regarding the Gatria system.

Conspiracy Theories Edit

There are two widely believed theories regarding the goings on within the Gatria system:

Union Navy Blacksite Edit

Some people seem to think that given the fact the the system is under control of the Union navy that is some form of Union blacksite. The purpose of the blacksite differs depending on who you ask. Some believe that the systems is used for weapons testing, or possible testing various biological agents on humans.

The Cresswell Valut Edit

Given the name of the sector, some believe that system houses a vault which contains the artefacts and wealth of the entire Cresswell family. Both Mortimer and Gregory Cresswell are well known for their love of artefacts from human history. Over the centuries, their collection has grown quite large, which has led to people wondering where everything is kept. They believe that somewhere in the Gatria system is a station that contains all these priceless artefacts and wealth. They even go as far as to claim that the Cresswell family discovered the co-ordinates of the lost Sol system hidden away in there.

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