Overview Edit

Gregory Cresswell was born on 35-06-12 on New Terra to Mortimer Cresswell and Cassandra Cresswell. He is a second generation Cresswell and is the current head of the family.

Personality Edit

Gregory is a fairly stuck up, snobbish man man who has gotten worse with age. He takes his responsibility as head of the family seriously trying to ensure that once he passes on, James is more than equipped to carry on the legacy. Gregory is a man of culture and refinement, enjoying all the finer things of life. He is also dedicated to his work, trying his best to uphold the the legacy of his father.

Interests Edit

Much like his father, Gregory has a genuine interest in the past of the human race. He inherited all of his fathers artefacts and over the years has done his best to learn as much as he can about the planet Earth and what happened to it. He has been able to learn much about 20th and 21st century history. His most valued artefact currently is a brass musical instrument called a 'trombone' that was used back on Earth to make music.

Backstory Edit

Born into the Cresswell family after his father had bought fame to the family. Gregory grew up in the shadow of his father, and for most of his career he was compared him. Gregory only became more determined to have a more successful career. His main plan was to become the second Cresswell Grand Admiral.

During his career Gregory has been part of many operations and became the youngest Admiral in the Union Navy, gaining his Admiral-ship at 32, beating his father by 6 years. In his later years he got married to Kofi and later had two children: a son and a daughter.

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