Lithios is a border system of the Union of Nation-States. It is the most farthest system under Union control in relation to distance to the capital. Despite having a G-Class star, the system does not host any planets that are suitable for long term habitation. The system does however boast two planets that have been identified as mineral rich (Lithios III & Lithios IV).

Lithios does not have a system capital given its border region status and lack of a colony. There is a small Union frontier outpost that acts as the central administration point of the system.

Population Edit

Since there is no colony in Lithium, the population is extremely sparse, made up mostly miners. The miners live in orbital habitats around Lithios III & Lithios IV and work in shifts down on the planets surface. A small number of the population are also based as administration staff at the frontier outpost.

Pirate Problems Edit

Given its mineral richness and distance away from the Union core systems, Lithios is a prime target for pirates and raiders. The Union can bare react in time to defend the system without manning a permanent military presence; something the local population would rather avoid. There have been many raids over the past century, and many of the system leaders instead prefer to bribe the pirates with tribute to avoid being attacked. The Union navy tries to keep a presence in the system at all times, usually in the form of the frigate or a destroyer.

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