Mylar is a Union of Nation-States border system located within the Cresswell Pride sector. It is known for its Class B star, which shines extremely brightly. Because of this, a 'ringworld' of solar panels has been build around the star to harness it for energy. It is currently one of a handful of candidates within Union space for a Dyson Sphere, given that, just with the small ringworld section alone, the system provides energy to almost 30% of the nation.

Mylar is also an important gateway system. It acts as the only link from Cresswell Pride to the rest of the union, as well as hosting the only connection outside of the union. This makes security in the sector tight as the Union Navy tries to police its border.

Solar Ringworld Edit

The solar 'ringworld' has been in construction for the past forty years and has only been completed in the past year. The panels are 1km tall and bend around the edge of the star to form the ring shape. In order to help build and maintain the ringworld, stations started to get built on the back of the solar panels. The stations do not span all the way around the ring, and only cover 10% in total. Because there is no habitable planet, the stations house all of the population living in Mylar.

Mylar Power Corpration Edit

The Mylar Power Corporation is the entity responsible for the administration of the ringworld. They bottle the energy up and send it to wherever it is needed, selling it to the highest bidder. They formed during the construction of the solar ringworld. To start with, the project was solely owned and ran by the Union government. Just like other areas in Cresswell Pride however, the area was neglected and the project was dragging its heels. The government decided to sell 25% of the project to private investors to force them to do some of the work, instead of the government.

Several investors did buy part of the project, Most notably Gregory Cresswell using funds from the family trust. Gregory and the other investors began to work on construction of the solar arrays but were still reliant on the government, who refused to speed up construction. Annoyed, the investors eventually bought the government out of the project and together formed the Mylar Power Corporation.

Population Edit

Nearly all of the residents in Mylar work for the Mylar Power Corp and reside within the space stations built on the outside of the ringworld. Most of the residents work in the maintenance industry as they work on maintaining the system solar arrays.

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