The UNSF Winchester is a cavalier-class destroyer built in the year 97 at Vekta Prime's Orbital Shipyards. Its main role has been a pirate hunting ship mostly working in conjunction with other smaller ships to form battle groups.


The Winchester has 10 weapon hardpoints: 4 located on each side of the ship to form the broadsides and two chase-gun hardpoints at the front.

Operations Edit

Operation Meerkat Edit

The Winchester formed up with several other ships to form a task force that conducted anti-piracy operations within the Reach. The operation was a fairly routine operation for the Winchester. It scored no kills but at the same time didn't take any major damage. It was also Lieutenant Commander James Creswell's first deployment on the Winchester.

Notable Crew Members Edit

Lieutenant Commander James Cresswell Edit

Cresswell joined the Winchester in late 125. He served in only two tours before his transfer to the the UNSF Apollyon. He served as both the Communications Officer and Executive Officer to Captain Leach.

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